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SPACE SAVING DESIGN WITH HOOKS AND COMPACT SIZE – Our bathroom shelf mounted 2-tier with hooks to store small items that you’d normally store in vanity tops. The hooks on the bottom of the vertical bars each hold a hand towel easily. Perfect for the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, living room, etc. This bathroom shelf has a compact size of 12.4 x 5.5 x 14 inches with max capacity of 90 lbs, excellent for small bathroom (or laundry room) with limited counter space!

ADHESIVE INSTALLATION – Easy peasy installation with adhesive stickers! Peel off the layer, stick them to flat walls, and voila! The stickers work in smooth surfaces such as tiles, marbles, glass, wood, and stainless steel. Or you can use the hardware parts included in your purchase and use a drill. Clean the surface before installing for proper hanging.

EXCELLENT CRAFTSMANSHIP AND SMART DRAIN HOLES – This bathroom shelf wall mount has super elegant design with silver color and smooth finish. Also, there will be no water staying on the shelf after a shower because of the drain holes. And there is no sharp edge to harm you.

HEAVY DUTY ALUMINUM AND EASY TO CLEAN – Made of the best aluminum, our heavy duty bathroom shelf organizer wall is lightweight and long-lasting, water splash, and the heat from shower steam. Simply wipe this rack with a damp cloth from time to time, and it will stay as good as new for however long you want it.

SOLVE YOUR SHOWER STORAGE ISSUE NOW! – Our bathroom shelf organizer helps you simplify and live more efficiently by creating extra rooms in your home, you can even put your bathroom speaker, epsom salt, and cotton swabs on it. You’ll be very happy with the shelf and how it frees up your sink area! Take this great offer by clicking Add to Cart button above.

Make the best use of every space!
Space-saving furniture helps you simplify and live more efficiently by creating extra rooms in your home

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Why You Must Get Our Shower Shelf for Tile?

– Huge maximum capacity of 90 lbs
– 2-tier wall-mounted shelf with extra hooks to save floor space
– Easy adhesives stickers installation or with hardware included
– Made of long-lasting aluminum with the best craftsmanship
– Perfect for the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, living room and more!

Perfect Bathroom Shelf to Organize Things in Limited Space – Guaranteed!

The 2 installations of our bathroom shelf organizer are versatile. With adhesive sticker, it’s easy and takes no time. With screws and drill, it’s secure and available for other surfaces. We provide equally good options for you to chose. Be sure to clean the surface before installing.

So what are you waiting for?
Our bathroom caddy has elegant smooth finish with silver color that will absolutely compliment any décor, be it your bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, and anywhere else. ORDER NOW by clicking the Add to Cart button above.

Material: Aluminum
Max capacity: 90 lbs
Packaging Size: 12.4 x 5.5 x 14″
Weight: 1.7 pound
Color: Silver

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