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AMAZING PARTY DECORATION – Comfecto (TM) linen bag create a fantastic light pathway in dark areas with stars and moon design, perfect decorations for weddings, valentine, engagement, marriage proposal, Halloween, birthday, etc.

INCREDIBLY DURABLE AND ECO-FRIENDLY – Made of eco-friendly cotton which is greatly durable, reusable and recyclable. The size is 10.2×5.9×3.5. If our luminary candle bags not fantastic, return and get a refund!

EXTREMELY SAFE TO USE – Don’t worry about risks of the fire incident, our candle bag is made of non-flammable materials. It produces no flames, no smoke, and no carbon emission, or you can use flameless tea light candles instead of real candles

SUPER EASY OUTDOOR INDOOR CANDLE INSTALLATION – Place some stones or sands at each bag bottom so they don’t tip over in the wind, they can also be used in the rain. Use multiple LED or tea lights to get your desired level of brightness!

GET YOURS NOW -Comfecto (TM) bag is a fun way to encourage kid’s creativity. It’s suitable for arts, crafts, making of party bags, masks, and puppets. We have some offers for buy 3 get 10% off, buy 2 get 5% take this great offer NOW!

Find the brilliant way to delight your party!
This is a super safe alternative for ordinary candles which is no longer allowed in most venues due to its fire and other liability issues

Comfecto (TM)

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Discover why you must use Comfecto (TM) burlap bags?
– Amazing party decoration
– Incredibly durable
– Extremely safe to use
– Super easy outdoor candle installation

The good transparency gives quite luminous and ultimate brightness in the dark, simply set the brightness to your own taste by adding the amount of LED or tea lights in each bag, it will generate realistic flickering effects similar to burning candles better yet, no worries about cleaning up messes. Or, you can use flameless tea light candles instead of real candles.

Comfecto (TM) linen bag is perfect for weddings, valentine, engagement, marriage proposal, Halloween, new year, birthday, pool party, candlelight vigil, or any other party. It’s completely safe to use and you do not need to worry about fire accident. This luminary bag has enough capacity to contain multiple lamps. Available in sets of 20 pieces with 10.2″ x 5.9″ x 3.5″ inches

So what are you waiting for?
We offer Comfecto (TM) bags to enhance the beauty of your events

Material: special fire-retardant cotton
Color: white
Weight: 0.02 pound
Special design: Stars and moon
Set of 20 pieces
Size: 10.2″ x 5.9″ x 3.5″ inches

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