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ADD SEA LIFE IN YOUR FISH TANK – The jelly fish aquariums consist of 3 pieces of 2.2 x 7” blue, yellow, and green ornaments respectively. Great addition to your aquarium with tons of vibrant colors. It even looks great in a larger aquarium to make your fish and surrounding onlookers happy! Plus your fishes will love swimming through the jelly fish decoration!

BEAUTIFULLY GLOW IN THE DARK – Put this glow fish tank kit under LED environment actinic lights to make it looks realistic. They glow under blue light and purple light beautifully, no surprises if your friends will later think they have just seen a real jellyfish! You can also put this fish aquarium accessories along with coral reef decorations.

HARMLESS TO YOUR FISH – Non-toxic premium silicone material is used to make these small fish tank decorations safe for your fish. These glo fish tank decorations have no weird chemical smell and won’t make the fish tank surroundings dirty. Our jellyfish decorations add a great new element to your fish tank, the great part is, it looks real in your tank and it never needs feeding!

EASY TO MAKE IT ALIVE – Simply adjust the length of the thin invisible line then attach the suction cups on the bottom of the tank. The latter are not separate from each other, where a knot needs to be made before using.

MAKE YOUR FISH TANK DECORATION LIVELY – These fish accessories move slightly with the water current, adding a little something different to your tank! Transform your aquarium and make your fish happy. Recommended to anyone who wants to make their tank look a little more like the ocean!

Transform your aquarium today! These turtle tank decorations are floating and move naturally like a real jellyfish on the ocean. If triggered by the environment lights, these glolfish accessories spark beautiful glow especially in dark condition. It is bound to capture your friends and guest’s eye, and they just might be mesmerized!

Why choose our fish tank decorations large?
– 3 colorful pieces of 2.2 x 7” jelly fish
– Beautiful, realistic design and glow under LED environment actinic lights
– Safe, non-toxic, odorless premium silicone material
– Ease of installation with a strong thin invisible line and suction cup

Unlike the other brand, our fish aquarium decoration captures the beauty and graceful movement of natural jellyfish that are nearly impossible to keep in an aquarium, and they dance with just the slightest movement of water. Made of inert silicone, these aquarium accessories are safe for your guppies and will last a long time in both saltwater and freshwater fish tanks. Add more glow fish tank decorations like plants, rocks, and gravel to show off your beautiful aquarium while keeping all fishes happy!

If this extra large aquarium decorations do not light up your dark moments, feel free to return them with your cash back within 30 days!
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Material: Silicone
Set of: 3 pcs
Color: Blue, yellow, green
Size: 2.2 x 7” (for each piece)

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