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OUTSTANDING CONTAINER WITH ANTI LEAK CAP – Our 6 squeeze bottles come with the mess-free lids so you won’t experience leaky lids when squirting your favorite sauce or ketchup. Unlike those who give separated tip caps, we provide you with a snapped on cap attached to the lid to avoid losing.

FANTASTIC MULTIPURPOSE – Each squirt bottle has a capacity of 12 oz, giving you more than enough space to store kitchen condiments like ketchup, mustard, bbq sauce, olive oil, and mayonnaise. Wanna go picnic? Take the lid off and cover the hole with plastic wrap for easy sauce transport. No more spilling sauce until you get to your destination.

NOT LIMITED TO CONDIMENTS – Not only works as a ketchup bottleor oil and vinegar dispenser, you can use it as a batter dispenser to form a unique pancake shape. Use the bottle to put honey, maple syrup, or chocolate for pancake’s topping. Put the vinaigrette inside for salad dressing. What’s more? you can store the leftover wine for cooking.

PERFECT BOTTLE FOR ARTWORK – Let’s make some arts and craft! Use this plastic squeeze bottle to store wall paint for graffiti, acrylic paint for tie-dye, colored sand for sand art, or even a simple colored glue for your kids’ paper art. Unleash your creativity and have a good time doing artwork with your kids.

VERSATILE BOTTLE FOR EVERY NEED – Storing condiments, toppings, pancake batter, salad dressing, and even paints or glue for making some crafts, what makes you hesitate to buy this versatile squeeze bottle? ORDER NOW or you will regret it later.

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Need condiment dispenser for your vinegar, soy sauce or mayonnaise? Or you need bottle for your artwork?
This set of 12oz condiment bottles can store any liquids you desire such as barbecue sauce, oil, ketchup, caramel, mustard, and mayonnaise, or artwork use such as paint, glue, and even dye.

Why use our kitchen squeeze bottle?
– These ketchup bottles have 12 oz capacity to suit your needs
– Smart squeeze design for efficient liquid dispensing
– Multi-use for sauce bottles, oil, vinegar, pancake batter and more
– Artwork use for paint, dye, colored sand, colored glue
– Leak-proof mouth design, easy to refill, dishwasher safe
– Durable food-grade PP material

No leak oil dispensing bottle for any liquid – Guaranteed

Create your fun family time!
– Make fun shape pancake with various topping
– Store chocolate, caramel or maple syrup for fun ice cream time
– Fun squeeze bottle painting
– Fun art with colored sands and colored glue
– Fill with safe colored water for fun squirt water play

What are you waiting for? Get this multiuse bottle now for fun family time!
Our stock is limited, so order these condiment squirt bottles immediately!

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Material: PP
Color: Transparent
Weight: 8.1 ounces
Size: 2.3 x 8.3 inches
Capacity: 12oz
Set of: 6 pieces

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