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COMB AND BOND! – Give them the most comfortable and perfect grooming session with our dog brush

PERFECTLY SPACED TEETH – Long teeth design makes this dematting comb get hard spots and the scalp

EXTREMELY DURABLE MATERIAL – Our dog brushes are secure and won’t cause any bad side effects

IDEAL SIZE FOR ANY PET – 7″ wide is ideal grooming brush size. Suitable for face fur and easy grip

ENJOY YOUR GROOMING SESSION – This pet grooming brush is suited for medium to large breeds.

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Comfecto (TM)

Occasionally grooming your pets will not only enhance their appearance and health, but there is also a big emotional payoff. The brushing helps you develop a good bond with your furry friends!

Still have a problem while grooming?
-Your pet run away every time you walk in the room with your dog grooming supplies.
-Grooming more of a struggle than it should be.
-Your current tooth comb irritate and bother your pet
-Your comb doesn’t remove tangle perfectly and it’s heavy

Discover why you must use dog grooming brush!

+ Puppy brush uses by professional groomers
+ Perfect dog brushes to removes any loose hair, dirt, tangles, etc.
+ Strong dog combs for grooming pets with rounded teeth that will perfectly detangle your pet’s fur.
+ Fine teeth can go all the way down to the scalp, stimulating skin and hair follicles
+ Lightweight and easy grip so it doesn’t cause fatigue
+ 7 inch wide pet comb which is the perfect size for medium to large breed pets

Comparing with regular dog brush or cat brush, our dog grooming comb can go all the way down to the scalp and gets that undercoat out. When you used poodle brush for grooming, it just touches and repairs the outside of fur, not touching the skin.

Happy pets, happy you. Make your order now!

Material: Stainless Steel
Color: Silver
Size: 7 x 1.5 inch
Weight: 3.2 ounces
Set of: 1 pc

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