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DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE FOR YOUR FEET – Note: You may feel a little uncomfortable or pain during the first few usages, wear socks and shorten the time usage to help your feet adjust. The pain indicates that the product really work, you will get used to it and start to crave it because they hurt so good!

NOTE: You may feel a little uncomfortable or pain during the first few usages which are completely normal, you can wear socks and shorten the time used to help your feet adjust 

If you find therapy to be expensive and time-consuming, then why don’t you try reflexology foot massager? Recommended by Alexandra Ellis, self-care expert and wellness coach, our foot reflexology massager combines the holistic healing power of earth cobblestones, with the therapeutic effects of reflexology. 

Discover how our massage sandals women & men will give you the best foot relaxation therapy: 
+ They’re rooted in principles of reflexology and traditional Chinese medicine 
+ Mini shiatsu treatment through the specially positioned 100% cobblestones that apply pressure points on the sole of your feet 
+ Improve your blood flow and regulate your body’s energy levels when worn 10-20 minutes a day 
+ Relieve stress
+ Finest quality from the finest materials, making them extremely durable, sturdy, and safe 
+ Adjustable velcro straps for your ultimate comfort, fit size 8.5 for men or 10 for women 
+ Perfect to be brought on travel or given as gifts to your loved ones 

What are you waiting for? Enjoy shiatsu treatment everywhere by using our plantar fasciitis foot massager. 

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Materials: PU and EVA 
Size: 8.5 (men); 10 (women) 
Weight: 1.2 lbs 

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