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WELL-DESIGNED BONGOS WITH AUTHENTIC NATURAL ANIMAL HIDES – Hip Bongo Drums (TM) is a set of 6 and 7 inch bongo drums made of high quality, weatherproof and durable wood & metal with authentic, ethically sourced animal hides hugging the top of Hickory shells.

STYLISH FOR GIFTS, DECORATIONS, AND OCCASIONS – Our set has an exotic, natural gloss finish, the ideal Latin percussion for your homes or music rooms. It is a wonderful musical souvenir for your loved ones and for beach parties and gatherings! Quality design guarantees a resonant, non-boxy sound and no room for dirt deposits – top choice for sure!

EASILY TUNEABLE WITHOUT BREAKING – Hip Bongo Drums (TM) have Hickory shells and 4 easily tuneable lugs, best qualities for hand drums! Unlike others, our tops will not tear out or come apart easily during tuning. If the heads are damaged, FREE head replacement can be claimed within 3 days after its arrival!

SAFE AND COMFORTABLE TO PLAY WITH – This percussion set has a minimalistic design with no sharp edges and rims rounded off by protective rubber feet. It is safe and comfortable to carry around and play for children, beginners, pros, teachers, students, and bongo enthusiasts.

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Our product comes with Upgrade Packaging! If the heads are damaged, free replacement can be claimed within 3 days after its arrival!

Bongos are fun to play and can brighten your day. Do not succumb to cheaper ones!

Why choose us?
– Durable, weatherproof materials with resonant sound
– Beautifully stretched, authentic skins
– Convenient adult or kids drums
– A perfect gift and decoration idea

Our set consists of 2 Bongo drums, high-quality wood, sturdy metal, and ethically sourced skins. No need to worry about the head looks like dirt because it’s made of a real skin animal. Their size is 6 and 7 inch, featuring Hickory shells and natural hide heads with 4 tunable lugs per drum and tuning wrench, perfect for beginners, pros and children! Extra caution was taken to see that all edges are rounded off with protective rubber feet, and zero sharp corners make them suitable bongo drums for kids. Very light and easy to handle percussion kit, ideal for everyday use, be it in a drum circle, classroom or other environments. You can also pack it as a gift!

So, if not satisfied, feel free to return them and get your cashback within 30 days! Also, check our variant listing if you are looking for a high-quality bongo head replacement!

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Weight: 5.2 pounds
Color: Brown
Material: Wood, metal, ethically sourced animal skins
Product Dimensions: 6 inch, 7 inch
Set of: 2

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