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CRAFTED FOR WINE LOVERS AND CONNOISSEURS – Our stainless steel drinking glasses hail down to provide exquisite wine drinking experience with an elegant modern look which is perfect for not just red or white wine but also cognac, soft drinks or cocktails, and you can give it to your friends during special occasions. The shape is ergonomically designed to sit comfortably in your hands with ease!

KEEPS 18 OZ WINE COLDER LONGER – Our wine glasses bulk maintains the temperature when the wine is chilled and cool for LONGER TIME than the usual glass, ceramic, plastic or crystal stemware. Our stainless wine cup is non-toxic and BPA free, causing no harm to your body or change of flavor to your drink!

UNBREAKABLE SHATTERPROOF 18/8 STAINLESS STEEL – Our portable wine glass is durable compared to fragile glassware. With our food grade anti-rust 18/8 property, it safeguards the body from hard impact and such parity that could be caused by tipsy friends. These no stem wine glasses are safe to use by the pool, on a picnic, camping or anywhere else outdoors!

DISHWASHER SAFE WITH SMOOTH FINISHING – Along with above-sophisticated features, this unbreakable wine glass can be cleaned easily with dishwasher and/or hands. Simple and faster wash-up for a delicate result! Not to mention our travel wine glasses edges are smoothly finished as well – drink merrily and safely!

DRINK WINE THE EASIER WAY! – Drink up with your loved ones using our stemless glasses that come in a set of 2! Order now by clicking the ADD TO CART button while stock lasts!

If you are an avid or even casual wine drinker, you are in a need of that maintenance, strong, and elegant glass. Consider it your lucky day by finding our stainless wine glass!

Why choose our pinot noir wine glasses?
– Having longer chilled wine like no other glass and crystal wine stemware
– Unbreakable, shatterproof and anti rust 18/8 stainless steel material
– Elegant and ergonomic design for prestige and stylish look. Suitable for outdoor use
– Easy cleaning with dishwasher and/or hands

These stemless insulated wine glasses are THICKER than its competitors in the market and specially crafted to maintain the wine temperature, especially cold beverages longer than other stemware. Plus our large wine glasses are applicable for wine, cognac, soft drink, and all cold beverages. There is also no doubt for the durability that comes from premium stainless steel material. No more worries of dropped wine glass by accident or drunk friends.

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Material: 340 Stainless Steel
Size: 3.5 x 4.3” (Width and height), 3” (diameter), 0.04” (thickness)
Capacity: 18 oz

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