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GOES NICELY UNDER YOUR NAILS – Dreaming of having beautifully sculpted nails? Stop dreaming and start using a nail buffer. Diamond fingernail file are known for its effectiveness and durability. For best results, file in one direction only from side to nail tip. Do not file downside of nail as it will weaken nail and make it more prone to tearing and breaking.

USED BY PROFESSIONAL MANICURIST – Many types of nail file out there but this metal nail files still a favorite for manicurists. Best for shaping nails and preventing splitting and peeling. Better than an emery board in any way, also won’t rust over time.

NAIL FILE METAL WITH PERMANENT DIAMOND FLAKES – Our buffer for nail has double sided unique abrasive surface to file nails quickly, perfectly. The grit is fine enough to not eat away at nails and leave a smooth finish. The ultra slim 7.4-inch design making it convenient to carry anywhere.

WASHABLE METAL NAIL FILES – Keep it hygiene by washing it regularly after use. Don’t panic, this nail buffer kit can be washed without damaging it and lasts for a lifetime.

HIGH-QUALITY SALON MANICURE AT HOME – Why spent so much money if you can do it at home professionally? Don’t forget, even professional manicurist use this finger nail buffer! Turn your uneven shaped nails into beautifully sculpted nails. Start your nail care routine now!

High-Quality Salon Manicure at Home
Do you have nail problem? Want a smooth manicured nail at home? We have the solution for you. These magnificent files are designed to give you smooth, perfectly manicured nails just like you’d get at the salon. It works so well that you’ll never again worry about snagging silk, nylon or any other delicate material. On the go or at home, you deserve professional-quality manicure and pedicure tools.

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Why you need to use grit nail file?
– Slim, sleek, lightweight design goes with you anywhere
– Perfect for both natural and artificial nails
– Permanent diamond dust won’t easily break or wear down
– Lasts a lifetime without any wear and tear

Guaranteed lasts a lifetime
Our coarse nail file is tougher than crystal and completely nonporous, so there’s no chance of trapping bacteria and dirt like those cheap files. Plus, it’s super easy to clean – just rinse in warm water. You can even disinfect it as often as you like without wearing it down.

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– Material: Stainless Steel
– Color: Silver
– Set of: 2
– Weight: 1.4 Ounce
– Size: 0.7 x 7 x 0.07 inch

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