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ALL-IN-ONE BACK RELIEF BUNDLE SET– Get the insight on how to achieve a great posture. Team up with the 5 starts rated Amazon Product, the Go Lumbar Support, this bundle set will give you the Lumbar Support AND the One Hour Back Relief Program (from Expert Coaches) from BBP MethodTMResearch Institute. 


4 OUT OF 5 BACK PAIN SUFFERERS DON’T HAVE ANY GUIDANCE– From millions of tips internet provide you on how to heal a lower back pain (or any back problem), we understand that almost none of those provide you with a direct guidance from experts. In this set, you will get an all in one solution for your back problems. The product for an instant heal and also a direct guidance from expert coaches.


INVEST IN YOUR BACK HEALING, NOT JUST A PRODUCT – We understand that you might not have the time to find the best solution for your back problems. In this bundle, not only you’ll get the secret on how to have a great posture from BBP Method TM Research Institute but also a Go Lumbar Support to give an extra comfort for your back.


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PREVIEW AVAILABLE IN THE VIDEO SECTION– Why hesitate? Save your money from chiropractors visits and trial-errors from tips on the internet. With this Bundle Set from BBP Method TM Research Institute and Go Lumbar Support, you won’t have anything to lose. (Money back is guaranteed).





Your suspicion on why do you have back problem in the first place is understandable. BBP Method TM Research Institute has found out that most of the contributing factors of this problem comes from another trouble spot.

Sandra aged 42 years old has been suffered from back stiffness. At first she thought that the problem occur because of sitting for 8 hours daily in an office chair. Desperate time call for desperate act. Wanting to enjoy doing her job without back problem, she want the most instant ways to fic her problems. This problem made her waste a couple hundred bucks for chiropractor visit only to ends up with unsolved back problem (which getting annoying each day).

Until one day, in the middle of her lunch, when she surf the internet looking for solution to her problems, she found One Hour Back Relief Program from BBP Method TM Research Institute. Revealing the information she can’t recall her chiropractor ever mentioned, she discover the key to solve her back problem through this program. She also find out the mistakes she constantly made that causing the pain even worst.

This bundle set from BBP Method TM Research Institute and Go Lumbar Support is here to give you the all in one solution for your back problems. We understand your need to have the product and the actual guidance on how to have a good posture, and that is exactly what we provide you with. It doesn’t matter what kind of back problems you have. Whether it’s back stiffness, crippling back pain, even a sciatica, we’ve got you covered in this package.

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1 Package of BBP Method TM One Hour Back Relief Program.

1 Go Lumbar Support

Material: PP, Silicon resin, elastic rubber

Color: Black

Weight: 0.5 lbs

Height: 14.5” x 15.7” x 5.9”