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BEST VISION-ENHANCING YELLOW SAFETY GLASSES – Our night safety glasses ensure safety by making everything more focused even during poor weather. Our night vision driving glasses also helps combat eye fatigue and drowsiness. The perfect sunglasses to any person that is out under the sun or does a lot of driving during the day. Take these night glasses driving to go fishing with you and see the difference!

REDUCING NIGHT GLARE – The yellow UV400 lenses absorb over 90% harmful UVA and UVB spectrums, reduce glare from oncoming headlights, and enhance contrast to avoid visibility loss. Especially if you have sensitive eyes to both headlights and street/business lights when driving at night, the night time driving glasses lenses muted all the lights. Keep these night vision glasses for driving in your car for an extra protection!

ULTRA LIGHT NIGHTTIME VISION GLASSES – The shatterproof TAC lenses will remain scratch-free for a long time. The metal frame is very rigid, lightweight, sturdy, and will grip the lenses snugly! Did you know that our yellow visor glasses will help even if your eyesight prescription has changed because of lasic and vision driving has decreased, these frames will save the day. You’ll be back feeling super with these HD vision night glasses!

MAXIMUM CONVENIENCE – No discomfort to your pupil, retina, or eye in general! These driving glasses night vision have ideal fit ensuring that they sit close to the face, appropriately cover the eyes, and feel extremely comfortable with shock absorbing soft material around nose and on the sides. If you are, in any way, not happy with our night sight HD glasses, feel free to return them within 30 days to get your FULL refund.

DRIVE SAFELY WITH STYLE! – You can also use these night sight glasses while riding your bicycle. Plus our night vision HD glasses have slim, modern look that is very stylish which makes our yellow lens glasses a favorite among men and women. Our nighttime driving glasses also come in a protective black case that makes you think of quality. Hurry and get these clearsight night driving glasses!

These yellow tint polarized UV400 lenses absorb over 90% of harmful UVA and UVB spectrums, reducing glare from oncoming traffic and headlights of other vehicles, pavement, and other reflective surfaces. 

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Did you know that: 
The highest car crash rates occur at nighttime 
The headlights from oncoming traffic makes it difficult to drive at night or dusk 
The glare can easily blind a driver for few seconds 

How our nightsight driving glasses can help you? 
Our glare glasses will provide an extra layer of protection that combats eye fatigue and drowsiness. 

How does it work? 
The yellow tint polarized UV400 lenses absorb over 90% of harmful UVA and UVB spectrum, reducing glare from oncoming traffic and headlights of other vehicles, pavement, and other reflective surfaces by filtering light coming from different angles, without blurring or darkening your vision. They enhance contrast to make different shades of light stand out from each other 

Super durable and comfy to wear 
The shatterproof TAC lenses will remain scratch-free. The metal frame is lightweight with reinforced hinges that will fit snugly on your face. These night have semi rimless frame design gives you an unobstructed downward view. 

Drive safely with style! 
Our anti glare driving glasses are incredibly stylish and the favorite among drivers, bike riders, and sport athletes; men and women. They are also perfect for outdoor activities like camping, fishing or hunting. 

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