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BEWARE OF THE THIEVES – Thieves act because of intention and opportunity. When they see this cycle lock, the intention of stealing is gone because they know it’s impossible to defeat with bare hand or even with a hammer, cable cutters, or a crowbar.

LOCK YOUR BIKE SECURELY – The special mounting bracket give you easy access while the 4-feet long small bike lock can reach around the important part of your bike. The large, highly visible numbers can be seen even in the dark. The steel, ABS, PVC, and wire materials used making it extremely durable to resist cut, wear, and tear for a lifetime!

KEYLESS RESETTABLE 5 DIGIT SECURE LOCK – No more key lose, or changing keys. Just personalize the number combination and wrap the key bike lock around your bicycle’s body and adjust this kids bike lock as you see fit. Keep the head from the ground to avoid thief smash it with rock to the solid ground.

SECURING YOUR VALUABLE STUFF – Have you ever lost a bike? These bike rack lock with combinations are little investment which is meaningless compared to your valuable things. Secure your bicycle, sports equipment, skateboard, you can even use it as locks for school lockers! You can also secure your backyard or lawn by using this master lock bike lock in the fence or gates.

DON’T LET YOUR BIKE GONE – You will be frustrated when you lose your bike. Prevent it with double secure your bike or motorcycle with our lightweight bike lock! Try our other variant color and buy multiple smart bike lock for securing your gate, fence, and backyard. Click Add to Cart now and you will get the best bike lock mount. ORDER NOW to secure your valuable item!

Many people like to ride bicycles, but the risk of theft is huge. Fear no more; our bike lock key will save the day! Unlike other bike seat lock, our bike cable has 5-digit lock combination. No key required! The 4-feet long heavy duty bicycle lock with combination keeps pesky thieves from stealing your bike. The electric scooter lock is strong but lightweight, with additional mounting bracket for easy access.

Your search for the best heavy duty bike lock is finally over. When you purchase from us today, you will get:
1. Strong and secure bicycle lock with key – Help you protect the valuable things in your life, just lock and leave it safely
2. Keyless resettable 5 digit heavy duty mountain bike lock – Losing keys no more. Just set your 5 digits and wrap the bikelock around your bicycle’s body for total security
3. Multiuse bike lock combination – This long bike lock secure your bicycle, motorcycle helmet, lawnmower, scooter or even a skateboard. Backyard and lawn can be secure by using it in the fence or gates.

Unbeatable Cable Bike Lock

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Material: Steel, wire, ABS, PVC
Color: Black
Size (bicycle locks and cables diameter): 0.5 inches, 47.2 inches / 3.9 feet (total length)
Weight: 14.1 ounces
Packaging: 6.7 x 5.9 x 1.6 inches

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