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Made of authentic, ethically sourced rabbit skin. Non-boxy sound guaranteed with Installation Manual provided in Product Information Section. Top choice for sure!

Our substitute set will provide an exotic, natural gloss finish guaranteed for your bongo drums. It is a wonderful musical souvenir for your loved ones.

Size of 5.6″ and 6.4″, these bongo heads are able to withstand extreme amounts of tension required in many world percussion instruments. Always give your best performance without damage!

These high quality drum skins have no sharp corners and are safe and comfortable to carry around and play for children, beginners, professionals, and bongo enthusiasts. Your safety is our main priority!


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<br><b>Hip Bongo Drums (TM)</b>
<br>Installation Manual provided in Product Information Section (Technical Specification).
<br>If you want good quality, authentic Hip Bongo Drums (TM) product just like satisfied customers, make sure you buy those ONLY From TODAY’S DEALS and Fulfilled By Amazon. Others are only selling our Copied Products!
<br>Bongo head play a very important part in providing your best performance. Do not succumb to cheaper replacements!
<br>Why choose us?
<br>- Ethically sourced, authentic rabbit skins that provide a resonant, non-boxy sound
<br>- Durable replacement heads that will not break apart upon tuning or extreme tension
<br>- Stylish finish and addition to your bongo set.
<br>- Perfect for children, adults, beginners, professionals, hobbyists, teachers and music students
<br>Our set consists of 2 replacement drum heads size of 5.6 inch and 6.4 inch made of ethically sourced skins. With a minimalistic design that is perfect for beginners, pros and even children! Extra caution was taken to see that there are zero sharp corners, making them suitable for even kids.
<br>It is ideal for everyday use, be it in a drum circle, professional gig, classroom or other environments. You can also pack it as a gift for your friend, and not to mention it is highly durable and can withstand loads of tension, which are at times required in order for you to give the best performance!
<br>So really, do not wait! If not satisfied, feel free to return them and get your cash back within 30 days!
<br>Weight: 9.17 oz
<br>Color: Skin
<br>Material: Ethically sourced rabbit skins
<br>Product Dimensions: 5.6″ and 6.4″
<br>Package Dimensions: 8.6 x 8.6 x 1.9″
<br>Set of: 2
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