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EFFORTLESS FROM TODAY – Our sharpening stone holder is an effective and flexible stone holder to sharpen your knives, scissors, chisels, or any steel tools. It has adjustable length design to hold a sharpening stone up to 8.7 inches length!

CONVENIENT HONING – The rubber body and feet keep your whetstone set firmly in place because they are made from heavy rubber that doesn’t slip. It holds the sharpening stone very securely and elevates the stone
very well, also, it’s very easy to rinse off after use.

LONG LASTING USAGE – This stone holder is made of durable and corrosion resistant chrome plating steel. It can endure any harsh sharpness tampering session for years. And to further ensure no rust, you can use stone oil every once in a while.

IDEAL COMBINATION – Be it whetstone, waterstone, oil stone, diamond stone, Arkansas, or Japanese stone, this whetstone holder holds them firmly in place without budging. The adjusting nuts that twist smoothly lets you comfortably change stones as you wish.

SAFE SHARPENING – Get the most convenient and safe way of honing your knives and sharp home tools by using our stone holder. It’s a stable base for any sharpening stones. Maybe you or someone you know in culinary school? Then this item is a must-have! Order now before our stock runs out.

Sharp knives are the best knives, isn’t it?
Sharpening tools by using a sharpening stone has been an effective technique for centuries. But, to ensure safe and effective sharpening, do you have the right tool to hold the stone firmly in place when you sharpen your knife? Let us offer you the whetstone bridge. It’s It’s sturdy, doesn’t slide, holds tight, and cleans up easy.

Why sharpen using our whetstone bridge?
– It holds any sharpening stones up to 8.7 inches length
– Safe and nonslip rubber body
– Corrosion resistant chrome plating material
– Suitable for whetstone, waterstone, oil stone, diamond stone, Arkansas or Japanese stone

Trustworthy holder for your sharpening stones!
Now you can conveniently and efficiently sharpen your knives by putting the sharpening stone in this product. The adjustment on our whetstone holder accommodates most stones and it raises the stone high enough to give your hands and knife the clearance they need to move freely. This sharpening stone holder holds several different stones while you hone especially under running water. No more dull knives and poor chopping.

What are you waiting for? It’s even ideal with Shapton glass stones. Click ADD TO CART button on the top right side to get yours now

Material: Chrome plate, rubber
Weight: 23.3 ounces
Size: 11.4 x 2.8 inches
Packaging: 11.8 x 3.2 x 1.6 inches
Max Clamping Size: 8.7 inches

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