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Give these clip on buttons a shot to overcome the comfort problem in your waist.

Our replacement buttons give instant extra space, or reducing when it’s too loose.

Our snap on buttons will give you extra 1″ space or reduce by 1″ size of your waist INSTANTLY.

It comes in 4 color variant, made of premium metal that won’t bend or shatter under finger pressure.

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Are You Ready to Buy New Pants?

You must be the happiest person in the world when you know your diet works and you have successfully lose or gained some weight. Now the problem arises, are you willing to throw away all your old-size pants just because it doesn’t fit you anymore? Are you ready to spend lots of money to buy a whole new collection of pants to fill up your closet? Just to let you know, if you choose the second option, you only make the clothing company richer with your hard-earned money! So what should you do to overcome those problems?

Tiny Solution for Your Big Problem

One of the quickest and cheapest ways to reduce or extend your pants is by using jeans replacement button. Yes, you read that right! These little cute friends will help you get an extra space of 1 inch or reduce the size by 1 inch so you can wear your pants normally again. PLUS, it can also be a replacement if your jean button accidentally detached. No sewing required, and you only need less than 10 SECONDS to use this metal button. It would be even better if you untuck your shirt to cover the double buttons.

Undeniable Reasons Why You’ll Love This No Sew Buttons
– Replace, reduce, and extend your pants instantly
– Applied in seconds, no sewing required
– Extend or reduce 1-inch space of your pant
– Multi-color selection that comes with great value for money
– Money savior for everyone who gained or losing weight

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