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GROWS WITH YOUR CHILD – Our 3 wheel scooter for kids has special adjustable handle that makes it perfect for your growing child. You can choose to adjust the height to 30 inch, 32 inch, and 34 inch. From age 3 to 13, this child scooter is designed to last. The single back wheel is also perfect because your kid doesn’t have anything in the way of his feet when he is kicking off. While others have two bulky back wheels that get in the way of a small child’s stride when trying to ride.

EXTRA WIDE DECK FOR MORE COMFY RIDING – Unlike other scooters, our toddler scooter has extra wide base which is large enough to fit both feet and is low to the ground, giving your child an early start learning how to ride scooters. The scooter three wheels are smooth like rollerblade wheels which allow your kid to ride it very well.

TRAIN YOUR CHILD TO STEER – Instead of forcing your child to use upper body strength they don’t have, our scooter for toddlers teaches them to lean from side to side to steer as they surf down the sidewalk. Just lean the 3 wheeled scooters to left when you want to turn left, and lean to right when you want to turn right.

INCREASE OUTDOOR FUN – Such a fun scooter with brakes means your little ones will be running around outside getting more exercise than before. Your little one will pick up how to maneuver this kid scooter 3 wheels quickly, and will have hours of fun on it. Happy kids, happy parents!

ZIP AROUND LIKE A CHAMPION – Bright color, pretty lights, and very solid, what else could you possibly need? With a limited stock, don’t miss your opportunity to get your little one the best scooter for kids ever made. Your super mom or super dad status will be granted, click ADD TO CART now to get this scooter with 3 wheels!

<br>Our scooter for children is not just a scooter. It’s a high quality mode of transportation that will last your child years.
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<br>- 3 adjustable heights, 30 inch, 32 inch, and 34 inch
<br>- Rear brakes for safety
<br>- Shock absorbents
<br>- Bodyweight steering
<br>- Lightweight at only 0.22 lbs
<br>- 3 LED flashing wheels
<br>- Supports up to 143 lbs
<br>Unlike other scooters for toddlers with no balance and questionable stability, our glider XL scooter is developed to teach your child how to scoot. Our kids scooter toddler is extremely safe, has premium quality LED wheels that don’t scuff the floor meaning you can teach them to ride inside, weighs practically nothing and has the smoothest ride around. The lit up wheels are very visible at night, perfect for night rides around the neighborhood.
Plus, the scuter for kids body is so strong that even if a car can run over and it will be okay!
<br><b>What are you waiting for? Best toy you could have bought him! Order one of our scooter for toddlers today and surprise your child with a gift they’ll cherish for a long time.
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