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CLEAN YOUR DUST COVERED CAR IN SECONDS — Having no time to wash your dirty car? Don’t worry! Grab this car duster with handle and your cleaning supplies. With just a few swipes, dust, or pollen will be gone and your car will be ready in minutes. A specially extended handle can reach difficult area like car roof and dashboard corners.

PERFECTLY TRAP DUST AND POLLEN — The car dust brush exterior collects dust from cars, trucks, and boats completely. This car brushes doesn’t push dust around but actually lifts it off. They prevent dust build-up on your car, helping you avoid those tiring, expensive trips to a car wash.

ZERO HARM DONE — Our car cleaning brush will do its job without scratching the delicate paint of your car. It doesn’t leave wax streaks on any surface, either. It also doesn’t contain any toxic substance. Great car cleaning kit for car interior and exterior.

EXCELLENT RETRACTABLE HANDLE DESIGN — This microfiber car wash brush length is 27.5”, and 15.7” extendable handle ; perfect to reach sufficient surface area. The microfiber car brush is comfy to grip, retractable from 17.7” to 11.8”, simple and easy maintenance. Just give it a good shake occasionally to get rid of the excess dust.

GET YOUR INSTANT CLEAN CAR EVERY DAY — This car clean brush is your ultimate go-to cleaning kit. When you have morning rush but your car is dirty, just swipe clean your car with our car microfiber brush. Now order this interior car duster and swiftly get your clean car every day!

Did You Know?
Cleaning your car takes too much time? Got morning rush but your car is dirty? Use our car brushes and swiftly clean your car in seconds! Keeping your car clean and clutter-free also reduce stress, anxiety and road rage.

Why you must get our auto duster brush?
– Completely traps dust and pollen
– Anti-scratch microfiber dusters
– Effortless to use and low maintenance
– Ideal duster for car for interior and exterior
– It will help to cut unnecessary visit to a car wash
– You can also use this car cleaning ki to clean your home accessories

Perfectly traps dust and pollen – Guaranteed!

Our car exterior accessories are guaranteed to keep your car clean and sparkly. The microfibers don’t push dust around but actually lifts it off. This auto car duster will do its job without scratching the delicate paint of your car and doesn’t leave wax streaks on the surface.

So what are you waiting for?
This microfiber car brush prevents dust build-up on your car, helping you avoid those tiring and expensive trips to car wash. Click ADD TO CART now!

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Material: Fine microfibers, stainless steel handle
Product Dimension: Overall 27.5”, duster 15.7”
Weight: 0.8 pound
Color: Grey
Set: 1 pcs

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