100% FREE OF WRINKLES AND MARKS – Our 50 pack clothing hangers have unique S-Shape top, making it easy to hang clothes without stretching the collar or causing wrinkles and unwanted marks/lines.

MAXIMIZE YOUR CLOSET SPACE – The slim design on these 0.15″ wide space saving hangers actually does make a big difference if you switch all of your clothes over to these heavy duty hangers, you will notice a definite increase in space in your closet!

NO MORE CLOTHES SLIPPING OFF – Comes with non-slip notched shoulder design, lined with rubber texture, our plastic hanger will make your clothing stay in position with no chance of slipping off. You can hang a set of dress, and scarfs IN ONE SINGLE HANGER.

MIGHTIEST HANGER WITH SUPREME DURABILITY – Our jacket hanger is made of durable lightweight ABS material which is two times more effective than slippery woods or velvet hangers that attract lint and dust, while the swivel hook is made of sturdy steel.

A FREE CLOTHING CARE TIPS EBOOK ON ITS WAY TO YOUR EMAIL! – You get 50 pcs with one purchase and also a FREE downloadable “Clothing Care Tips” ebook that will be sent to your email. Order now and fulfill your dream to DRESS TO IMPRESS every day!

Sick of closet overflowing with disarrayed clothes?
Your bulky hangers are taking up too much space?
Frustrated by cheap hangers damaging your favorite garments?

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– FREE “Clothing Care Tips” e-book
– Ultra slim design (16.5” long x 9” high x 0.15” wide) with S-shape top
– Comes with non-slip shoulder design; use it wet or dry!
– Extra strong 360° swivel steel hook for neater hanger management
– Extra space for the accessories – ties, scarves, belts, and towels
– Tough and durable ABS material. Dust-free and lint-free

Dreams Do Come True!
How many times have you walked into your wardrobe, only to find your best clothing on the floor, because it has slipped off the hanger? How many times have you seen ugly marks and wrinkles all over your favorite dress? NOT ANYMORE.

Our space saver hangers are compact and maximize your closet space. The rubber edging hold shirts/jackets or pants securely. Finally, they can be used for hanging things other than shirts and pants due to the unique interior shape, which is particularly good for ties or scarves. It is especially easy to insert these slim hangers into shirt collars due to the groove, without having to unbutton them all the way and they don’t stretch out the collar of your T-shirts like traditional hangers.
Beautiful clothing deserves beautiful closet hangers. With one purchase, you get 50 pcs of slim, strong cloth hangers that protect your clothes and organize your closet with a nice touch of style.

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