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👶 FOR BABIES ROUND HEAD 👶 Our head support pillow for baby works by keeping your little one’s head straight in the middle of the concave center. This newborn head shaping pillow block flat head by taking pressure off the rear of your baby’s head. The dimension is ideal for propping the baby’s head during feeding.

❤️️ PERFECT FOR 0 UP TO 12 MONTHS INFANT ❤️️ Your baby’s head will grow at its fastest rate during the first 4 months after birth. Use our baby pillows for flat head for the best head and neck support during play time, stroller rides, and sleep time. With the crescent moon shape, this head pillow for infants fit nicely and comfy to your baby.

🎁 SUITABLE FOR BABY SHOWER AND NEW MOM PRESENT 🎁 Are your friend having birth recently? Give this baby head shaping pillow as new mom present or when she’s having a baby shower. The memory foam material makes this baby flat head pillow cozy and soft. Excellent for baby’s delicate and tender skin.

🍼 A PILLOW AS COMFORTABLE AS MOTHER’S ARMS 🍼 We use high-quality memory foam to make sure this baby pillows for flat head is comfortable for your baby. This baby donut pillow also has soft cotton fabric to ensure your baby’s comfort sleeping time. If your baby rolls around a lot, this anti roll pillow for baby is great to keep babies stay in one spot.

❤️️BECAUSE WE ALSO CARE ABOUT YOUR BABY❤️️ Baby is the great gift for parents. This baby bed pillow block flat head and helps supporting your baby right from birth and aids their bone development. Block flat head by using this infant head pillow with 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

No mom and dad want their cute little angel have a flat head. The headgear could cost you thousands of dollars while having to put your baby with an uncomfortable headgear for several months.

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Best Newborn Baby Pillow to Block Flat Head

Here’s the reasons why you need to use our infant head shaping pillow

– Specially designed infant flat head pillow newborn up to 12 months.
– Gives appropriate support for head and neck and follows the curves of your baby’s head, neck, and shoulder.
– Made of advanced, 3D memory foam with bamboo pillowcase that is soft and gentle on baby’s skin.
– Great plagiocephaly pillow for babies to prop your baby’s head during sleeping or feeding.
– Side sleeper pillow baby with travel-friendly design.

Let your little one sleeps soundly throughout the day or night while remaining comfortable with our baby head shaper.

Dimension: 11.8 x 9.5 inch, center height: 0.8 inch, side height: 2 inch
Color: White
Material: Memory foam

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