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SAFETY – Finger control mittens prevent ripping or self-injury with the removable flat piece inside

FIRM PROTECT – Easy to put on with no finger separators and thick padding that cannot be torn or rip

COMFORT – 7.4″ x 10.8″ hand control mitts are made of mesh fabric. Durable and keeps the air flowing

SUPER EASY TO MAINTAIN – Our dementia gloves are very easy to clean, simply wash with soap and water

MUST HAVE – Ensure safety and comfort of loved ones with hand mitts for elderly or patients gloves

Preventing dementia or adult bedrest patients from putting anything in their mouth, avoid self-harm or aggressiveness toward others. These mitts can control fingers and hands but are still lightweight to put on.

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– No finger separator so it’s easier to put on
– Ultimate safety because it won’t fall off even if the wearer have reasonable strength
– Our alzheimers gloves are closed-end mitts with a double mesh on the outside
– The fabric keeps air circulation that prevents perspiration, so it is no doubt comfortable to wear
– The material is easy to wash and dry

– The mitts are very soft and lightweight
– Once being put on, they STAY ON. Perfect for hand control/restraints for elderly
– It fits adult hand perfectly and easy to put on
– Perfect for medical needs! Acts as hand finger splint/brace/therapy/protector. Nurses use them to keep patients from pulling out the feeding tube!

Our adult mittens to prevent scratching are an absolute necessity if you have a loved one who is unwilling or self-harming. Don’t remove the plastic inside the fabric because it ensures that they can’t use their nails, fingers, or hands to cause any injury, so it’s better to keep it that way.

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