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❤️️ BETTER SOLUTION THAN HELMET THERAPY ❤️️ No parents in this world want their newborn baby having flat head syndrome. This flat head prevention pillow is an easy cheap solution than getting helmet therapy. It keeps your little one’s head straight in the middle of the concave center and prevents baby’s flat spot from getting worse.

🍼 RECOMMENDED FOR NEWBORN UP TO 4 MONTHS AGE 🍼 Your baby’s head will grow at its fastest rate during the first 4 months after birth. Use our baby newborn pillow for the best head and neck support during play time, stroller rides, and sleep time. IMPORTANT! See our image for detail product measurement.

👶 SEE THE RESULT WITHIN 1 MONTH 👶 When you notice your baby is having large flat area on the back of his head, use this baby flat head pillow to help correct flat head into a less flat shape. Use this infants pillow regularly and your baby’s head will be much rounder and more even.

🍼 COMFORTABLE MEMORY FOAM 🍼 We use high-quality memory foam to make sure this baby breathable pillow is comfy for your baby and hold its shape until your baby is no longer a baby. If your infant rolls around a lot, this infant anti roll pillow is great to keep him stay in one spot. Great for travel especially in the stroller bassinet.

❤️️ ACT SMART FOR YOUR BABY’S HEALTH ❤️️ Baby is the great gift for parents. This baby donut pillow supports your baby right from birth and aids his bone development. Prevent flat head by using this plagiocephaly pillow. ORDER NOW!​

No mom and dad want their cute little angel having plagiocephaly or flat head syndrome. The helmet treatment could cost you thousands of dollars while having to put your baby with an uncomfortable helmet for several months.

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Best Baby Pillow for Flat Head Syndrome Prevention

Here’s the reasons why you need to use our newborn head pillow

– Specially designed head shape pillow for baby newborn up to 4 months. IMPORTANT NOTICE ! We do not recommend this pillow for baby age more than 4 months since the pillow could be too small.
– Giving appropriate support for head and neck.
– Follow the natural curves of your baby’s head, neck, and shoulder.
– Made of sturdy memory foam with FREE non-toxic and odor-free bamboo pillowcase that is soft and gentle on baby’s skin.
– Great flat head baby pillow for propping your baby’s head during sleeping, breastfeeding or bottle feeding.

Let your loved one grows healthily and sleeps comfortably throughout the day or night. Hurry and get yours now by clicking “ADD TO CART” button above!

– Dimension: 8.2″ short diameter, 8.6″ long diameter, 0.6″ neck support & 1.2″ head support
– Color: White
– Material: Nontoxic odor-free soft cotton cloth

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