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“#1” DENTIST’S RECOMMENDATION FOR ORAL B HEAD BRUSH — The best substitute for Oral B replacement brush heads. Compatible with: Dual Clean, 3D Excel, Advance Power, Professional Care, Smart Series, Pro-Health, Triumph, TriZone, Vitality and Precision Clean.

APPROVED FOR DENTAL HEALTH & SAFETY STANDARD — These Braun Oral B replacement heads have special bristles that made of ultra-soft nylon which is easy on your gum, FDA approved and has passed dentist’s official health and safety standard. One braun replacement head will last for about 3 months under normal usage.

PROVEN TO DELIVER ALL DUAL CLEAN’S BENEFITS — The outstanding brush head Oral B have plaque removal, dual action cleaning, micropulse, and gum health power to remove plaque and reduce the chance of gingivitis 5 times better than a manual toothbrush.

WHAT OUR CUSTOMER SAY — With 200+ 5-star reviews here is what our customers say: “Fast shipping and packaged with TLC, these tooth brush heads are great and I could not tell the difference.”, “Excellent product at a great price. Highly recommend A+++++”, “These were better than original brush”, for durability “Have been using this replacement head for over a month and it’s still going strong! No bristles have come loose or fallen out.”

PRIME MEMBER TOP PICKS — These Oral B Braun replacement heads consist of 8 pcs, shipped with authorized fulfillment provider directly from Amazon’s warehouse and guarantee will fit your Oral B Braun electric toothbrush. Don’t let your smile gone because you run out of brush head. ORDER NOW and flash your best smile!

What to do for healthy teeth and gums?

Unremoved plaque can lead to calculus buildup and gingivitis. The key to keep teeth and gums healthy is to brush regularly but not aggressively. Keep in mind that brushing may only be effective if you use the correct technique.

Brush your teeth twice a day. You should brush using small circular motions, taking care to brush the front, back, and top of every tooth. This process takes between 2 and 3 minutes. It’s important to avoid sawing back-and-forth motions.

Use soft to medium-bristled toothbrush to avoid permanent damage to the protective enamel on the teeth and gum erosion. Our replacement toothbrush heads are the dentist’s official recommendation for the standard Oral B toothbrush replacement heads. The large and medium-bristled brush head can reach large area of your teeth. No issues oscillating or rotating! You can brush the tongue as well.

Discover why you must use our product
• Dentists recommended – The best substitute for Oral B Braun toothbrush heads
• Approved for dental health and safety standard – FDA approved and has passed dentist’s official health and safety standard.
• Reduce the chance of gingivitis 5x better than manual toothbrush

These electric toothbrush replacement heads are compatible with:
• 3D Excel
• Advance Power
• Professional Care
• Professional Care Smart Series
• Pro Health
• Triumph
• TriZone
• Vitality Dual Clean
• Vitality Precision Clean

The American Dental Association (ADA) recommend to change toothbrush every 3 months or when the ends start to look frayed, whichever comes first. Comes in a set of 8 pieces, you will have more than enough replacement whenever you need to change toothbrush.