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FRESH FOOD FOR TASTY MEAL – Dry food is essential for everyday life like spices, powder, seeds, or cereal. With airtight, watertight flip top lids and 4-sided locking system, this food storage container keeps your food fresh and crunchy. It decreases moisture and air oxidization to prolong storage time and protects food from pests.

NO MORE GUESSING – The semi-translucent food storage lets you identify the content easily. Find what you’re looking for at a glance! This cereal keeper is also stackable and easy to organize, saving more time and space for pantry organization. They also make it easier to spot which dry food you need to refill.

KEEP UP TO 135.2 OZ – Container capacity for liquid and dry food is different. You can store liquid material in this cereal container up to 4 liter / 135.2 oz / 16.9 cups. For dry food, the capacity may vary depends on what kind of food you store. For cereal storage it can be under 23 oz if you store bulky cereal or it can be more than 23 oz for small and thin cereal.

FOOD-SAFE PLASTIC CONTAINERS – Made of the durable and safe material, this cereal dispenser is safe from any harmful stuff. The comfortable and ergonomic grip is made for easy handling. We add the secure flap to ensure effortless use. It can resist temperature change from -4°F to 210°F which makes it available for use in the freezer and dishwasher.

STILL HESITATE TO BUY OUR FOOD CONTAINER? – This snack storage is a must-have container for every house. Suitable for storing cereal, flour, sugar, coffee, tea, snacks, nuts, pasta, grains, rice, oatmeal, muesli, and most dry food items. Not limited to store pet food, bird seed, many different types of liquids. Use our food storage organizer for anything else you may need to store.

Dry food is essential for everyday life like spices, powder, seeds, or cereal. With fresh food ingredients, you can prep a tastier meal and beverage for you and your family and friends. 

Tightly store coffee and tea powder, spices and grains, your favorite snacks and cereal with this cereal holder. 

All the important quality: 
– Airtight food storage containers with watertight flip top lid to keep your dry food fresh and crunchy 
– 4 sided locking system to prolong the storage time of food and protect from food pests 
– Suitable for storing dry food, liquid material, and even pet food 
– For cooking and baking ingredients container, perfect to keep dry and fresh. 
– Cereal keeper made with food-safe material 
– Microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe for temperature from -4°F to 210°F 

Guaranteed to Keep Your Dry Food Fresh 
Completed with the stylish blue colored finishing on the lids, it keeps any dry food fresh even when you use it as flour and sugar storage containers. Also, you can keep your favorite snacks crunchy by using this as chip container. 

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Don’t let your kids eat soft, uncrunchy cereal ever again! 

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Material: PP 
Color: Transparent body. Blue lid 
Capacity: 135.2 oz / 4 liter / 16.9 cups 
Weight: 2.2 lbs 
Set of: 2 pcs 
Size: 9.6 x 3 x 9.4 Inches 

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