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40% FASTER DRYING – Our dryer sheet alternative by COMFECTO comes in a set of 4 with 2.7 x 2.7 inch laundry ball size. The unique design of our ball for dryer separates clothes to provide more airflow and accelerates the drying process up to 40 percent and therefore reducing heat and electricity, so you can save more time, energy and money. PLUS our washing machine ball will cause no lint, how great is that!

USE 4 BALLS FOR MAXIMUM RESULT – Make sure you use all 4 of them for best results, or minimum of 2 balls for smaller loads to brilliantly make fabric fluffier, softer and wrinkle-free. You can also add a couple drops of essential oils to make your laundry smells pleasant!

PERFECT FABRIC SOFTENER ALTERNATIVE – Our spike ball is extremely safe for people with sensitive skin that can’t use fabric softener and it’s made of superb PVC. No more using liquid fabric softener or sheets!

SUPER EASY TO USE AND REUSABLE – Our laundry balls are big enough and very easy to use, simply place the magic drying balls for laundry into dryer appliance with the laundry load. Our laundry dryer ball is also durable and reusable with 1000 times life circle so you don’t need to use fabric softener or any static products anymore. These dryer lint balls are such a money-saver!

SEE THE DIFFERENCE NOW! – Get your alternative dryer sheet or liquid fabric softener with our static ball for dryer and make your family healthier. Don’t hesitate to order our fabric softener balls. Order now before we run out of stock, click ADD TO CART now, and start seeing the difference!

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Can you imagine your blankets becoming fluffy like when they were brand new? How about minimum-to-zero lint to clean up out of the lint filter after drying clothing and sheets?

Why you must use our dewrinkle dryer ball
– Alternative for dryer sheets or liquid fabric softener, no artificial scents
– Shorter drying time up to 40 percent
– Good for people with sensitive skin
– Keep clothes fresh, clean, and free of static

Satisfaction guaranteed!

Use all 4 of our anti-static dryer balls (or minimum of 2 balls for smaller load) to accelerate drying speed up to 40%, including for polar fleece sheets. The special nodules on the washing machine balls massage the garments to soften it and also reducing lint and wrinkles. You can even add a few drops of your favorite aromatherapy oil in the top aperture of the balls to add a scent.

Made of PVC which is completely good to use. No unnecessary fragrance on your clothing or linens. No discoloration or streaks.

So what are you waiting for?
No more using liquid fabric softener or sheets!

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Material: PVC
Color: Blue
Set of 4 pcs
Size: 2.7 x 2.7 inch

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