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NOT FOR WOMEN WHO ARE ALLERGIC TO SILICONE – Caution: Make sure you are not allergic to silicone material before wearing these bra strap pads. Our womens shoulder pads can accommodate shoulder strap width up to 1.1 inch, one size fits all. Our bra strap cushion is the ideal item for women who deal with the discomfort of bra straps, especially those who wear bigger bra size with wider straps.

KEEP BRA STRAPS FROM SLIPPING – Our bra strap holders shoulder work on all sizes strap and the silicone ‘sticks’ in place so that your bra and slip/cami straps stay in place securely and comfortably even while exercising! Last but not least, this bra holder also helps to ease pain and relieve pressure off your shoulders on a long day.

SAY GOODBYE TO SHOULDER BLISTERS – Made of non-toxic & easy-to-clean silica, these bra accessories provide you excellent elasticity and comfortable for daily use that is free of sweat. The soft silicone cushion pads won’t cause any blisters or red raw spots on your sensitive skin. Comes with a sleek design, our bra strap holder fits on your shoulder unlike others and hold well.

EFFORTLESS USAGE – It’s really simple, just slip the shoulder pads for women under your bra straps, lift the flaps on top of the cushion and insert your strap. These bra shoulder strap cushion has compact size not too bulky and not too thick, it’s one size fits with any bra straps. Best of all, you can put them on yourself, no need for a helper and they don’t pop off or affect the proper fit of the bra.

A PERFECT GIFT IDEA – Avoid unnecessary pain by using our silicone bra strap cushions holder and yes, it’s also worthy of a wonderful present to your precious friend or family. No more going crazy for the rest of the day constantly pulling up your bra straps! Order now before we run out of stock!


Why do my bra straps keep falling down?

Wearing bigger size bra is one of the cause your bra straps falling off shoulders. Our silicone bra shoulder pad is designed to turn any inconvenient bras into the coziest undergarments. By helping you to ease pain, relieving pressure on your shoulders and protecting your skin from painful scars, these silicon straps for bra ensure that you are totally comfortable.

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Why you should use our pads for bra straps?
– Accommodate shoulder strap width up to 1.1 inch, one size fits all
– Prevents indentation marks and bruise on the shoulder
– Comfortable soft padding without getting sweaty
– Easy to use without slipping off
– Unique gift idea for ladies with same problem


Made of non-toxic silicone, the pad is lightweight and the anti-slip silica keeps your bra in place and doesn’t slide under your lingerie. In one pack, you will get 2 soft cream and 2 pure white bra strap shoulder pads which are invisible under your shirt. It’s also worthy as a wonderful gift to your precious friend or family. Look and feel your best today!

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Material: Silicone
Weight: 4.8 ounces
Product size: 3.58″ x 1.97″ accommodate up to 1.1″ straps
Color: 2 soft cream, 2 pearl white
Set of: 2 pairs (4 pcs)

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