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  • SUPERB TONGS FOR ALL OCCASIONS – This bread tongs are a perfect fusion of fork, spoon, and scissors, which is great for turning and serving all kinds of foods, including cake and bread. It is 10″ so you can get under and over the lettuce and fixings in a large salad bowl, making it very user friendly for dinner table or buffets. Works for casual and fancier dining as well.
  • COMFORTABLE GRIP – Our buffet tongs are not too heavy, very comfortable to use and hold with easy closing and opening. The ring handles are thick, anti-slip and do not have sharp edges. The handle where you place your fingers is relatively comfortable and decent size. The fork and spoon part of the kitchen tongs is large enough to serve good portions with each scoop without skimping or loosing anything as you serve.
  • HEAT-RESISTANT STAINLESS STEEL – Our large metal tongs are fully crafted from the best non-toxic stainless steel that look classy and elegant and will never rust or corrode. It has the ability to resist extreme heat, so you can fry food in the boiling oil with complete ease, including flipping steaks with no worries. Our silver tongs also allow you to easily grab pasta and other foods as well.
  • SUPER EASY TO STORE AND CLEAN – Thanks to the convenient hole at the handle, you can simply hang these metal serving utensils for easy storage. After using, just give these tongs for serving a good rinse using soapy water or run it in the dishwasher and they’ll come out sparkling.
  • FREE FOOD RECIPE EBOOK ON THE WAY TO YOUR EMAIL! – A nice step up from the plastic scissor tongs you’ve had before! These salad utensils are functional and elegant enough to add beauty to your kitchen, plus it is also a fantastic gift idea. You’ll also get a FREE Food Recipe ebook that will be sent to your email with every purchase! Grab yours today while the stocks last! 

For all your life, probably you have been dealing with the hassle of using individual spoon or fork to serve your salad. Now you can put an end to such nuisances, thanks to our stainless steel tongs!

If you’re looking for premium quality catering tongs that looks good with your nice China dinnerware, make sure you buy ONLY From TODAY’S DEALS STORE. Other sellers are selling our Copied Products

Why you should try out our catering serving utensils
– Perfect for turning or serving all kinds of foods
– Also excellent for frying and grilling, including to flip steaks
– 10 inch length which makes it very user friendly
– Comfortable grip
– Premium heat-resistant stainless steel
– FREE Food Recipe ebook that will be sent to your email

Our tongs for cooking has thick anti-slip handles with decent size. The fork and spoon are large enough to scoop big chunks of salad without missing even the smallest seed. Additionally, the hinge works very smoothly with no chance of loosening over time. So, opening or closing these stainless steel cooking tongs will never be an issue! Simply said, our buffet serving utensils are very comfortable to hold and use. Moreover, our product is fully crafted from the best non-toxic stainless-steel that will never rust or corrode, wash after wash. It is completely heat resistant, and will stay shiny and functional at all times! Plus these food tongs are elegant enough to add beauty to your kitchen, making it a fantastic gift idea for a housewarming event.

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