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PROTECT YOUR BELOVED DOG – Teaching your dog to wear a muzzle isn’t as tough as it seems, but you need to practice patience and consistency and work to make your dog associate it with positive things, such as affection or treats. You can prevent unwanted vet visit by using this dog basket muzzle. Our muzzles for dogs will prevent your dog to chew themselves, or licking harmful bad chemicals.

TRAIN YOUR DOG PROPERLY – Our greyhound muzzle is a perfect way to prevent unwanted behavior. This no bark muzzle is perfect to train your large dog from barking, biting, and chewing hazardous things. Preventing aggressive behavior to ensure everyone is safe when introducing your dog to other people.

STURDY AND LIGHTWEIGHT MATERIALS – These basket muzzles for large dogs are made of extremely sturdy chrome steel and breathable lightweight leather materials which are long-lasting. If muzzle for dogs aren’t sturdy enough, feel free to return it to us and get your money back guarantee within 30 days!

SUPER EASY TO PUT ON WITH ADJUSTABLE STRAP – With the ergonomic design and the adjustable strap of this german shepherd muzzle makes it fits comfortably on large size dogs around their nose. Make sure to pay attention to the size, it will fit for your Large Breed Dogs, the muzzle’s circumference must be larger around 1-3 inches than your dog’s nose circumference.

SUPER COMFORTABLE – The comfortable shape cage muzzle allows unrestricted nose licking and breathing discomfort. Give your furry friend the positive training to encourage the proper behavior by using this dog muzzle for biting. Hurry and grab this muzzle for german shepherd now!

There are two main types of the muzzle; fabric muzzles which hold the mouth closed, and basket muzzle which cover the nose and allow the dog to drink, pant and eat. Fabric muzzles are ideal for short-term use, such as in the vets, but are not suitable for medium to long-term wear in the house. That’s why our large dog muzzle comes in handy.

Why You Must Use Our Dog Muzzles?
– Discourage unwanted behaviors
– Prevent them from licking bad chemicals that can harm them
– Fit snugly while allowing them to pant or drink
– Discourage unwanted behaviors through positive reinforcement

This dog muzzle for grooming is a safe, fail-proof training tool for your large breed dog.
We guarantee to provide them with the ultimate protection from themselves, such as licking bad chemicals or eating garbage that can harm them, while still be able to pant, drink or eat. We encourage you to train them with positive reinforcement when using this no barking muzzle, or with the assistance or advice of an expert.

Pay attention to the size, this dog muzzles for large dogs will fit your Large Breed Dogs, the muzzle’s circumference must be larger around 1-3 inches than your dog’s nose circumference. Our XXL size comes with 4″ mouth length, 15.7″ front mouth circumference, 19.6″ mouth circumference and 21.6″-27.5″ neck circumference. See the size chart above for more details.

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Material: Chrome Steel
Size: XXL ; Mouth Length: 4″ ; Front Mouth Circumference: 15.7″
Mouth Circumference: 19.6″ ; Neck Circumference: 21.6″-27.5″
Weight: 12 ounces
Color: Chrome + Black

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