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A MUST HAVE FOR GRAVITY CHAIR USER – Relax with your phone, snacks and soda, beer, water, or sports drinks using gravity chair. Equipped with two recessed areas and drain holes with the size of 2.95″ diameter each, this cup holder for lawn chair is large enough to hold a cup or small bottle. Use tray space for smartphone and your snacks.

GREAT OUTDOOR COMPANION – Enjoy warm sunlight while sitting on your gravity chair with a glass of ice lemon tea, or go fishing while steeping a cup of hot coffee on your side. This beach chair for cup holder is a great additional attachment for summer pool cocktail party. Feel weightless and stress-free with your zero gravity recliners and enjoy your beverages in your arms reach. Our zero gravity chair accessories hold all of the things that we used to have to put on our laps or on the ground.

CONVENIENTLY SUIT MOST A FRAME CHAIRS – This premium zero gravity desk is suitable for Sundale, Bliss, Lafuma, Patio Plus, Caravan or any A-frame zero gravity or recliner chairs. The sturdy and lightweight material make this clip on tray best travel companion in your caravan, pool, beach, and even lake for fishing.

ZERO EFFORT SNAPPY MOUNT – It costs zero effort and requires no tools to install this lawn chair cup holder. You just have to snap it onto the tubular section on either side of the chair and it’s ready to use. The compact size of 6.7 x 11.8 x 2 inch and the sturdy snap can hold weight of 2 cups of coffee and a smartphone or snack.

GREAT GIFT FOR GRAVITY CHAIR USER – Did your family have gravity chair? This zero gravity chair table is a perfect gift for someone who owned a gravity chair to share your joy and strengthen your relationship. Get yours now, sit back and relax, because everything you need is right by your side. ORDER NOW for relaxing in a convenient way.

Just sit back and have everything you need by your side!
<br>By using our 6.5 X 11.6 X 1.8 inch tray, you can put snacks, drinks, and gadget next to you. No need to stand up to get your beer or soda.

Discover why you must use our cup holders for zero gravity chairs

– Fit most A-frame chair and round tube frame
– Multiple slots that fit a lot of stuff
– Snappy clip on tray

User-friendly cup holder beach chair that makes your activity more efficient – Guaranteed!

Our zero gravity chair cup holder amazingly redefines the word efficiency. You don’t have to walk from your chair to a table just to grab your mug, cookie, or other small necessities because you can get it right next to you. The tray is large enough to manage your belongings. With the user-friendly clip-on mount, you don’t need any tool to have a perfect attachment to your chair. It is designed to fit most A-frame chairs, from recliner, folding, to gravity chair.

Doing your activities outdoor? No worries. The compact tray is so portable you can bring it to your caravan, pool party, beach yard large camping. Afraid to make it dirty? No need. It comes with black color and easy-to-clean feature to your time in cleaning.

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Weight : 9.2 ounces
Packaging dimension : 6.7 X 11.8 X 2 inches
Color : Black
Size : 6.5 X 11.6 X 1.8

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